Universal Acceptance (UA)

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1. Making New Internet Domains Work for Everyone

Top-level domains (TLDs) and email addresses have evolved since 2010, when Chinese and other language characters and Top-Level Domains (TLDs) longer than 3 characters (e.g. .museum, .asia, etc.) were introduced.  If you are not aware of the implications of Universal Acceptance (UA), you may risk failing your customers and missing business opportunities.

Learn more about the basics of Universal Acceptance (UA) here: http://get.uasg.asia/docs/UA101_HK_ENZH_final.pdf

2. Is Your Email Ready for the Global Market?

Is your system UA-Ready (Universal Acceptance)? To make a system ready for a global audience, users need to be able to write their email address and domain in their native scripts like in Russian, Hindi, Thai or Chinese.

Read More on how to get your system ready for the Global Market:  http://get.uasg.asia/docs/UA102_EAI_ENZH_Final.pdf


3. Programming Language Hacks to Prepare for the Global Market

Universal Acceptance (UA) is the simple concept that all legitimate domain names and email addresses work across all applications. Is your design programmed with the ability to accept emails like 测试5@普遍接受-测试.世界?

Check out Test Cases for your system: http://get.uasg.asia/docs/UA103_Programming_ENZH_Final.pdf