President elected for 2019-2021 and Council Members elected for 2021-2022 (updated from 12 Apr 2021)

President Dr. Allen Wong PCCW Ltd.
Honorary President, Convener of Fintech Mr. Francis Fong Synergy Technologies (Asia) Ltd.
Honorary President Mr. Anthony Au
Honorary President Hon. Charles Mok
Honorary President Mr. Daniel Ng Fastpaytech Services Ltd.
Vice President, Convener of Cybersecurity Mr. Eric Fan UDomain Web Hosting Company Ltd.
Vice President, Creative Industry Mr. Stephen Tang Fintel (USA) Ltd.
Vice President, Policy Framework Ms. Winnie Yeung Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd.
Treasurer Mr. York Mok NewTrek Systems Ltd.
Convener of Cyber Security Mr. Sang Young SecuriTech Solution (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Convener of Digital Inclusion Mr. Tony Lee Information Technology Resource Centre Ltd.
Convener of IoT Mr. Nelson Chu Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd.
Convener of SME Mr. Dominique Tu
Convener of Startup Mr. Ivan So Zizsoft Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Adrian Kam I Character Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Winson Kam Security Consulting Services Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Alex Chung Nexstgo Company Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Sam Hui Media Pro HK Ltd.
Councillor Ms. Karly Li Tech Data Distribution (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Johnny Luk Speedy Group Corporation Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Alex Kun HKT Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Alias Yeung HP Inc Hong Kong Ltd.
Councillor Mr. Paul Chan Poly-Asia E-Technology Ltd.
Councillor Ms. Cecilia Wong HGC Global Communications Ltd.
Councillor Ms. Amy Chow Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Business Advisor Mr. Dominic Cheng Onflo Computer Co Ltd.
Legal Advisor Mr. Nicholas Chan  Squire Patton Boggs
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