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Company Programme 2010/11 Trade Fair @ Ground Plaza, HSBC Main Building on 18 December 2010

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This is our 6 consecutive years to support this event. In past 8 years, the programme has benefited over 11,000 upper secondary school students from over 160 schools and equipped our young people with the knowledge and critical thinking skills required to compete in the global market, through hands-on experiences of setting up and running their own companies under an 8 month-long mentorship by volunteer business advisers. Continue Reading…

The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011: Best Lifestyle Awards Launching Ceremony

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Hong Kong’s most popular and eloquent talk-show host, Mr. Albert Cheng runs “ Digital News Tease (數碼龍門陣) “ talk show with celebrity guests 

 Bloggers share their Favourite Gadgets 

New Award Stream titled Learning, Living and Encouraging Lifelong Learning Continue Reading…