The Hong Kong Information Technology Federation was founded in 1980 as a not-for-profit, non-political trade association to provide a forum in which the IT-related business in Hong Kong can work together for the benefit of the industry and to maintain a high level of business practice amongst the members.

Over the years, HKITF has developed into a dynamic and highly respected organization with over 300 members. The Federation is directed by an Executive Council of  Councilors elected by the members for a term of a year at the Annual General Meeting.

HKITF promotes local IT business through activities such as exhibitions, seminars, breakfast and luncheon speaker meetings and after-office-hours Networking Hours to exchange business ideas and to expand personal network. The Federation’s IT Networking Hours was the first of its kind in Hong Kong. It has become the focal point for members and senior IT executives both locally and from abroad.

HKITF also keeps members abreast of local IT developments and business opportunities through its electronic newsletter, HKITF News. The Federation acts as the bridge for international IT companies looking for local partners and works with trade commissions to host trade promotion events.

HKITF supports and sponsors various IT sectors to develop focus groups. Examples of these are the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers (HKISPA) established in 1996 and the Open Software Forum (OSF) established in 2000.

In the public sector, HKITF works closely with the government to promote the development of the local IT industry. The Federation represents the industry on the Law Reform Committee, Information and Technology Development Council, the Financial Secretary’s Financial Infrastructure Steering Committee and many other government committees.

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