HKITF Supported Event – Data Center & Virtualization Summit 2011 on 19 Sep

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“Building a real-time infrastructure for today and tomorrow”

Event Name : Data Center & Virtualization Summit 2011 by Computerworld Hong Kong
Date : September 19, 2010
Time : 8:30am – 5:40pm
Venue : S421, HKCEC
Website :

Data centers are HOT. With businesses growing in Asia and more businesses coming to Asia, the data center market is booming. Increasing demands on data centers mean that IT infrastructure managers need to find cost effective ways to build and manage an infrastructure that can quickly scale up and scale down while also support diverse needs.

Tomorrow’s data centers will be virtual environments with much lower power and cooling needs, smaller footprints and operate with cloud-like capabilities and power efficiency levels closer to industry leaders like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) measures the power efficiency of data centers and “State of the Art” PUE is considered 1.2 or below. Google averages 1.16 for its data centers, while industry averages in most countries score corporate data centers at a PUE of around 2.

How can corporate enterprises improve this situation? And do enterprises even need to run a data center like Google?

The impact of cloud has also questioned the model for future data center build out. Should companies build private cloud capabilities or utilize public cloud infrastructures. Exactly what will future data centers look like?

Key topics covered

  • Defining real-time capabilities for modern data centers
  • How applications are driving new demands on data centers
  • Building the private cloud – what does that mean for the data center? • Virtualization trends – next steps after servers and storage
  • Setting and meeting power efficiency goals
  • Case studies on green and dynamic data centers in action 
  • Sourcing model and strategy for future data centers
  • Considerations on design and build for your next data center
  • Network and storage architectures in next-gen data centers
  • Combining physical and data security within the data center
  • Next-gen management systems – a single data center dashboard


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For enquiries about the event, please contact: Stephanie Tsang Tel : (852) 2589 1350 Email :

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