Winners of Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Lifestyle Award

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“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Lifestyle Award” Come to a Successful Close
Digital Lifestyle Embraces Tremendous Business Opportunities in ICT Development

(3 April, 2012 Hong Kong) Supported by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and organized by Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF), the Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICTA) 2012: Best Lifestyle Award, celebrates its successful closing on today’s presentation ceremony at Theatre 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Wanchai, with a loud and enthusiastic applause. The Award is honored to invite industry practitioners and senior professionals to officiate the ceremony.

Mr. Francis FONG, President of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation delivered his opening speech, “Devoted to recognize local prominent creative and fashionable lifestyle solutions, the Best Lifestyle Award, stepping into its 6th year, received substantially high quality entries. Those excellent innovative winning projects which will benefit human beings through enhancement the quality of our daily life, and inspire tremendous potential business opportunities in digital lifestyle by displaying how ICT seamlessly integrated into social life.”

“Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Lifestyle Award” winners:

◆ “Best Lifestyle Grand Award” & “Best Lifestyle (Social, Communications & Media) Gold Award”: “Real-time 2D-3D Conversion Platform” by Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.

◆ “Best Lifestyle (Green, Healthy & Creative Living) Gold Award”: “World First 3D Dual-LCoS Mini Projector” by Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd. / Solomon Systech

◆ “Best Lifestyle (Learning & Living) Gold Award” : “AURALBOOK” by Playnote Ltd.

◆ “Best Lifestyle (Social, Communications & Media) Special Mention (Silver Market)”: “Yan Oi Tong Love Elderly Card System” by Yan Oi Tong / Zizsoft Ltd.

Developed by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd., the “Real-time 2D-3D Conversion Platform” won two awards and received overwhelming appraisal from the judging panel, “The real-time conversion technology innovatively turns 2D images instantly into high quality 3D effect. Further with the handy 2D-3D converter box, consumers can easily enjoy a new life style. ASTRI’s R&D technology impressively produces configurable depths effect, which enables consistencies in natural viewing and thus allows audience to watch 3D content comfortably. This is an exciting technology that can be widely used in consumer and education markets.”

To splendid this event, the organizer is honored to invite industry practitioners and representatives including, Dr. William YU, Head of Climate Program of WWF Hong Kong, Dr. Royce YUEN, Visiting Associate Professor of Faculty of Business & Economics, the University of Hong Kong, Ms. Irene LEUNG, Chairperson of Organizing Committee of Best Lifestyle Award, Mr. Francis FONG, President of Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, to present trophies for the winners.

Since the establishment in 2006, the Hong Kong ICT Awards promote and commend the excellent achievements to which Hong Kong ICT professionals, business corporations and organizations contribute. The Awards comprise ten categories; Best Lifestyle Award is one of them and offers three awards streams, namely: “Green, Healthy & Creative Living”, “Learning & Living” and “Social, Communication & Media”. To respectively commend the achievement of preeminent ICT applications, website and service among each group, Best Lifestyle Award aims at promotion of local ICT development and encouragement of more innovative solution by industry staff.

For more details of the Award, please visit our website:

Issued by: Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
Through: Vis Communications Consultancy Ltd. – Mr. Felix Poon (, (852) 2804 2388 / 9464 7843


資訊科技添姿 數碼生活商機

 (2012年4月3日,香港) 結合政府資訊科技總監辦公室、香港貿易發展局和香港生產力促進局的全力支持,由香港資訊科技商會舉辦的『2012香港資訊及通訊科技獎:最佳生活時尚獎』於今日(星期二) 假灣仔會議展覽中心舉行隆重的頒獎典禮,現場氣氛開心又熱鬧,大會特別邀請到多位資深業界人士出席典禮,為各獎項得主頒發殊榮。



  • 『最佳生活時尚大獎』及『最佳生活時尚 (社交‧傳訊‧媒體) 』 – 金獎得主是香港應用科技研究院有限公司開發的「2D-3D實時轉換平台」;
  • 『最佳生活時尚 (綠色‧健康‧創意) 』 – 金獎得主是香港應用科技研究院有限公司/ 晶門科技有限公司共同製作的「全球首部3D雙LCoS小型投影機」;
  • 『最佳生活時尚 (學習‧生活) 』 – 金獎得主是Playnote Ltd.研發的「AURALBOOK」;
  • 『最佳生活時尚 (社交‧傳訊‧媒體) 』 – 特別嘉許 (樂活銀髮) 由仁愛堂 / 即時軟件有限公司共同開發的「仁愛堂長者愛心卡電腦系統」奪得。

由香港應用科技研究院有限公司開發的「2D-3D實時轉換平台」勇奪兩項大獎、實至名歸,評審委員會一致認為:「實時轉換技術創新地把2D 畫像即時轉換到高質數3D 效果,加上便攜式2D-3D 轉換盒,令消費者輕鬆地享受生活新時尚。應用科技研究院的研發技術,創造出令人印象深刻的可調較影像深度效果,3D 影像貫徹自然,令觀眾看得舒適。這項令人興奮的技術,在消費者和教育層面,均可廣為應用。」




代行:俊念傳訊顧問有限公司 – 鄧慧芯小姐 (, (852) 2804 2388 / 9754 1356

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