The Hong Kong Information Technology Federation and the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association jointly holds a Press Conference to announce their support towards helping school children “Go Online!”.

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[16th November 2010, Hong Kong]  The Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF) and the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA) held a press conference today with various guests to announce the start of the “Go Online!” campaign. With help from the HKITF and the HKISPA, this campaign helps school children from families receiving aid under Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (SIA)[1] for the 2010/11 school year to encourage them to make the most out of the internet at home for school work.

This event has gained the support from the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and is under the wings of both the Education Bureau and Hong Kong Education City to enable the message to be passed on to the 1200 Primary and Secondary Schools under Education Bureau. It is estimated that over 410,000 children will benefit from this campaign. Those eligible for receiving aid should go to these websites below to obtain more information regarding the list of suppliers under the HKITF and HKISP. For more information regarding the benefits, rules and regulations please visit:

The campaign has gained the support of many of the parties, they include:

Computing brands in Hong Kong – Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba (Chevalier) and Microsoft

Local Internet Service providers – 3ree Broadband , CSL one2free , NWT bb Broadband, Pacific One Net , PCCW Netvigator. 

Supporting Organizations – Association of IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE), Caritas Hong Kong, Christian Family Service Centre, Dotasia, eLearning Consortium, Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM), Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), Hong Kong Education City, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC ), Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU), Hong Kong Red Cross, Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA), Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks (HKSTPC), Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA), IT Resource Center / HKCSS, i-Cable, Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC-HK), MACitizens, Office of Honorable Cheung Kwok Che (LEGCO – Social Welfare FC), Office of Honorable Tanya Chan (LEGCO), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Yan Oi Tong, Youth Portal, Efficiency Unit of HKSAR Government.

Supporting websites: NetFront Internet Services

Supporting Public Relations Organization: DT Communications Asia Pacific

Supporting Media: Sina Hong Kong, Yahoo ! Hong Kong, HK Yellow Page (PCCW),

Mr. Francis Fong, the president of the HKITF, mentioned during the press conference that: “We are delighted to be one of the main organizers of this event, it is very meaningful to be able help school children go online. The role of information technology in today’s inter-connected society means that the internet plays a vital role in learning for school children”. In the speech of Mr. York Mok, the Chairman of HKISPA said, “We hope that by campaigns of this sort, we are able to help more children, and at the same time raise awareness and support in society in generating more opportunities for hardworking and needy school children to go online to learn”.

The Press Conference concluded on a high note under the combined pledges of the HKITF, the HKISPA with various computing brands, supporting organizations, and representatives from local ISPs.

About the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation (HKITF) 

The Hong Kong Information Technology Federation was founded in 1980 as a non-profit, non-political trade association to provide a forum in which the IT-related business in Hong Kong can work together for the benefit of the industry and to maintain a high level of business practice amongst the members. HKITF promotes local IT business and in the public sector, HKITF works closely with the government to promote the development of the local IT industry.

About the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA)

The Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association (HKISPA) is the trade association representing most of the licensed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Hong Kong. HKISPA aims to prosper the Internet industry, introduce the latest technological innovation, advocate for the best regulatory and competitive environment, and introduce best Code of Practices to the Internet Industry. Established since 1996, HKISPA and has been advising various bodies in Hong Kong

on policies relating to Internet, and conducted a number of projects for the public, including Internet content security awareness education to parents and students, promoting latest anti-spamming technologies, and advocating fair and open competition for the best benefit of Hong Kong.

For any enquiries please contact DT Asia Communications:

Gary Tong       Phone:5802 5296, or

Cheryl Cheuk  Phone:5802 5260,

[1]The families of the school children in receipt of SIA within the school year 2010/11 are: Families currently in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) or Families currently in receipt of full or half subsidies under the School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme.

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